What is Nighthawk AC1900 R7000?

Nighthawk AC1900 R7000 is a NETGEAR Wi-Fi Router model that provides very high Wi-Fi speeds demanded by online games, online video streaming that means the activities requiring high bandwidth.

How to connect Nighthawk AC1900 R7000?

Following steps will guide you easy ways to cable your router:

  1. Switch off the power of your modem.
  2. Wait for some time and then switch on the power of your modem.
  3. While unboxing the router you must have seen a yellow Ethernet cable. With this cable establish a connection between the modem and Internet port of your router.
  4. To bring your router to working condition connect its power adaptor and plug it to an outlet.
  5. Press the Power On/Off button on the rear panel of the router.
  6. What is the difference between the Wi-Fi password and router login?
  7. There are in all three types of login and all three serve different specific functions or purposes. The first type is Internet Service Provider login, second is Wi-Fi network key and the third is your router login.

Types of Logins and their specific functions

Login admin page (via routerlogin.net)

Sign in Admin page  (via routerlogin.net)

It is important as a user to understand the difference between all three types of Logins so that you know which one to use and when to use.

ISP login

The full form of this login is an Internet Service Provider. It is this login, which your ISP gave you so that you can log in to your Internet service. If you lose this login you have to contact your service provider again.

WiFi network key or password

Your router comes with a default wireless network name or SSID and default password. It is with the help of this default information you can gain wireless access. This information comes on the router label.

Router login

You can log in to the router interface as admin from an Internet browser using this type of login. Use the predefined web address of www.routerlogin.net for this purpose.

Reset password on Netgear wireless router

Your NETGEAR router comes in advance with WPA2 or WPA security. The password that is on the router label is a peculiar feature of your router and is used every time you connect to the network. It always good and NETGEAR also recommends you to use this pre-set security but you can change them if required but never disable it this feature.

netgear router login

netgear router reset

Follow the steps below to change the WPA settings:

  1. From your computer or any wireless device like a tablet or laptop that is connected to the network, click on any Web Browser.
  2. Type the URL http://www.routerlogin.net or http://www.routerlogin.com. A login screen will be displayed in front of you.
  3. Enter the default username = admin and the default password = password. Remember that these default login credentials are case sensitive.
  4. The BASIC Home screen displays, from here Select Wireless.
  5. Below the Security Options, select a radio button for a WPA option.
  6. By default, the WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] radio button is selected. This default setting enables new or old computers and wireless devices to connect to the WiFi network by making use of either WPA2 or WPA security.
  7. The Passphrase field will be displayed.
  8. Enter the network key (password) that you want to use. Your password is a text string with a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 63 characters.
  9. Write down the new password and keep it in a secure place for future reference.
  10. Click the Apply button to save the changes.

NOTE: The WPA2 options use the newest standard for the strongest security, but some older computers and wireless devices cannot use WPA2.

What to do if the above changes are not saved?

  • Recheck the steps below if you face the above problem.
  • Whenever you configure your settings, always click or tap the Apply button before continuing to another screen or tab, or else your changes are lost or are not saved.
  • Click the Refresh or Reload button in the web browser. This step is done because the changes might have taken place, but the old settings might be still present in the web browser’s cache.

Netgear Genie login through prior interconnection between the PC and router (wirelessly)

Netgear genie is a smart web based application for the Netgear device setup and other configurations. Netgear genie wizard allows the user to get the access of the Netgear routing device even from a smart phone.

For successful Wireless Connectivity try out the following steps:

  • Cross check whether the wireless device or computer that you are using is able to find your wireless network
  • If this is not the case then check the WiFi LED on the front of your router. If it is off, press the WiFi On/Off button on the router. This will turn on the wireless radios.
  • If by mistake you have disabled the router’s SSID broadcast, then your wireless network will be hidden and it will not display in your wireless client’s scanning list. This is so because by default, SSID broadcast is enabled is always enabled as a preset setting.

How to check if your wireless device supports the security that you are using for your wireless network?

To check or view the wireless settings of your router please follow the guided steps below:

  1. With the help of an Ethernet cable connect your computer to a LAN port on the router.
  2. Then log in to the router and select BASIC > Wireless.
  3. If you change the settings make sure you click the Apply button. This ensures that your settings are saved.

What to do if your wireless device successfully detects the network but displays weak signal strength?

Troubleshooting steps for the above query for Netgear 160Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router Model R7000 are mentioned below:

  • You experience this problem if you have kept your router either too far or too close to the computer or your wireless device. Shift the place of your computer that is a minimum of 6 feet away from the router and then again checks for the signal strength if it has improved from before.
  • Check for any obstructions or objects placed between your computer and the router which are hampering or blocking the wireless signal.

Troubleshooting steps with the LEDs of Netgear Nighthawk Router

What happens when you power on your router?

After you switch on the power of your router, the LED lights are lit up. After about approximately a minute recheck the following:

The Power LED becomes solid white. The Internet LED is also lit. The WiFi LED is also if the wireless radio button is on otherwise it will not be lit. You can use the LEDs on the front panel of the router for troubleshooting.

What steps to be followed if the Power LED is off or Blinking?

If you observe that the Power LED does not become solid and is either off or blinking then verifies the following steps:

  • Double check the connections of power adapter of your NETGEAR router with the power outlet which should also be in working condition.
  • Make sure to use the power adaptor of NETGEAR router that was present or provided with your router model during its purchase.
  • If the Power LED blinks slowly and continuously, the router firmware is corrupted. This generally happens if a firmware upgrade is interrupted, or if the router detects a problem with the firmware. But if even after downloading upgraded firmware the same problem still exists this means you might have some hardware issues.

If the power LED does not turn green but stays deep yellow?

  • Usually, after you turn on your router, the Power LED turns deep yellow for about 20 seconds and then eventually turns green. If this does not happen that means the router has encountered a problem. The steps below will help you find the solution to this problem:
  • Switch off the power of your router for 2-3 minutes and then switch it on. Wait for some time and then turn it back on.
  • Press and hold the Reset button. This step enables the router to return back to its default factory setting. If the error persists, you might have a hardware problem.
netgear router led light

Netgear router led Switch

LEDs Never Turn Off

A fault in your NETGEAR Router is detected if after turning on the router the LED Lights do not turn off.  Wait for one minute to see if there is any change otherwise do the following: do the following:

Cycle the power to see if the router router login recovers.

Troubleshooting156Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router Model R7000

Press and hold the Reset button to return the router to its factory settings. If the error persists, you might have a hardware problem.

What is WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)?

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) forms the main base for the easy and secure establishment of a wireless network. WPS will automatically configure a wireless network with a network name (SSID) and strong WPA data encryption and authentication.

Does the Nighthawk WiFi Router support USB 3.0 port?

  1. On having a closer look at your Nighthawk WiFi Router, you will notice two USB ports.
  2. On the front panel of your router is USB 3.0 port used for connecting faster devices like USB 3.0 hard drives.
  3. On the rear panel of your NETGEAR Nighthawk router login is located the USB 2.0 port. It is used for connecting slower devices such as a USB printer.
  4. The USB LED did not light on connecting USB storage to the Nighthawk WiFi Router. What can be the reason?
  5. The probable reason for the above problem can be that the Nighthawk WiFi Router did not recognize your USB storage. To correct the issue you can try to plug the USB storage device into other USB port and see if it works.

How to update the software of the router?

Follow the below-mentioned sequence of steps:

  • Launch the Internet Browser in your computer and type the following link in the address bar:
  • Download Link: http://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/R7000/R7000-V1.0.9.60_10.2.60.zip. This link helps you to download the firmware file.
  • After downloading it extract the new firmware to an accessible place such as the desktop. The filename after extracting is R7000-V1.0.9.60_10.2.60.chk
  • Open a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to the router network.
  • Type http://www.routerlogin.net to open the login window.
  • Enter the default netgear router login credentials that are; username is admin and password is password. This login information is case sensitive.
  1. The BASIC Home page displays.
  2. To display the router update page, Select ADVANCED > Administration > Router Update
  3. Click the Browse button.
  4. From your desktop or wherever you have saved the firmware file locate and select it.
  5. Click on Upload. The router begins the update. Do not interrupt the upgrade while the router does this step.

Note: To avoid wireless disconnect issue during the firmware download process; perform this upgrade process on a wired computer device as recommended by NETGEAR router login.

Update my router Netgear R7000 and got these issues fixed up

The major bug fixes are:

  1. Fixes the issue of the drop in WiFi performance.
  2. Improvement in WAN throughput on enabling the traffic meter.
  3. Resolves the attached device list issue where devices disappear from the list and cannot be edited in the GUI or Nighthawk app
  4. Helps in resolving some security issues
  5. Fixes the installation wizard for AP mode.
  6. Fixes the issue of wrong connection type displayed in the Access Control page
  7. Improvement in speed test results.
  8. Resolves the problem where the BASIC page does not display the correct WiFi password when the security mode is in Enterprise mode

Points to remember:

  • The upgrade process is completed only when the on-screen progress bar completes.
  • Please DO NOT power off or reboot the device during firmware upgrade, otherwise, it may result in a corrupt firmware and cause the device not to work.
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